The European Commission is launching a Bioeconomy Creative Competition for young citizens till 15/08/2022 (11.59pm CET)!


Everyone has their creative side. Everyone faces bioeconomy in their daily life. Every vision of bioeconomy is unique.

The purpose of the competition is to encourage young citizens to show how the bioeconomy is part of their daily life or how it could be part of their daily life, to raise awareness about the bioeconomy, engage youth and expand horizons on different forms of bioeconomy across Europe.

The artworks will demonstrate the variety of bioeconomy, its opportunities and meaning of it. They will show the importance of bioeconomy in daily life or what bioeconomy can be at its best! They will raise awareness of bioeconomy in youth communities, but also bring these different visions and realities to policy makers and to all of us.


If you are 14–35-year-old young citizen residing in the EU and are inspired by the bioeconomy or related fields (food systems, forestry, blue bioeconomy, sustainability, bio-based industry, circularity…), participate in this competition and win great prizes!


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Bioeconomy Creative Competition: Show us the bioeconomy in your life! | European Commission (