The 8th cycle started on 1 July 2020 and ended on 31 December 2021 (lasting 18 months) and took place under the Presidency of the three countries: Germany – Portugal – Slovenia.

The General Secretariat for Vocational Education, Training, Lifelong Learning and Youth through the Department of Volunteering, Social Policy and Youth Structures in collaboration with the National Dialogue Group actively participated in the 8th round consultations.

The consultations in this round focused on the following objectives:

  • Objective 1: “Ensuring the influence of young people in decision making”
  • Objective 2: “Ensure equal access to participation
  • Objective 3: “Participation in elections and representation in elected bodies
  • Objective 4: “Ensuring natural spaces for youth”
  • Objective 5: “Ensuring digitized spaces for youth”
  • Objective 6: “Ensuring sustainable funding for youth participation”
  • Objective 7: “Provide youth-friendly, relevant information

At the 3rd Youth Ministerial Conference in Maribor, Slovenia in September 2021, a number of recommendations were made, which do not impose formal national youth policy requirements, but are a source of inspiration for Member States, based on the seven objectives of the 8th cycle.

The conclusions of the 8th round emphasized that the Dialogue will have strong European support through adequate funding, as well as political support at national and European level.

For more information ,regarding the recommendations and conclusions of the consultation, you can visit the webpage :

Image by Dim Hou from Pixabay